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vīcēsĭm- or vīcensĭm|a, -ae. (viˈtʃ fem.

  1. A tax of one twentieth, or 5%; a half-tithe.



  • αʹ Pliny the Younger, Panegyricus 39.6:
Ac ne remotus quidem [...] a qualibet quantitate vicesimam inferre cogetur. And not even a distant relative can be forced to bring in the 5% on any amount.
  • βʹ Cicero, Ad Atticum 2.16.1:
Portoriis Italiae sublatis, agro Campano diviso, quod vectigal superest domesticum praeter vicensimam? With the Italian tariffs lifted and the field of Campania all parceled out, what domestic revenue is left besides the vicesima?