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cĕlĕrĭter. (tʃeˈle.ri.ter) adv.

  1. Quickly; soon, right away.


Cic. 9% Class. 0% Rom. 0% Med. 0% Neo. 0%


Verb constructions


  • αʹ Cicero, Ad Atticum 11.23:
ipsum Agusium audies, sed tardius iter faciebat. eo feci ut celeriter eunti darem. You'll be hearing Agusius himself, but he was making his way rather slowly, so I've arranged to give [the news] to someone moving faster.
  • βʹ v. Cicero, Ad Atticum 12.18:
Tibi ad me venire, ut ostendis, vide ne non sit facile. est enim longum iter discedentemque te, quod celeriter tibi erit fortasse faciendum, non sine magno dolore dimittam. Be aware that it may not be easy for you to come to me, as you mention, since it's a long trip, and when you leave againwhich you may have to do quicklyI may not be able to let you go without a great deal of pain.
  • γʹ v. Cicero, Ad Atticum 11.9:
Ego vero et incaute, ut scribis, et celerius quam oportuit feci. I did indeed act both carelessly and more hastily than I ought to have.
  • δʹ Cicero, Ad Atticum 11.24:
Ita aut nihil puto eum habere quod putet ad me celerius perferendum aut adeo me in malis esse despectum ut, etiam si quid habet, id nisi omnibus suis negotiis confectis ad me referre non curet. So I think either he has nothing he thinks he needs to relate to me any faster, or else I'm so looked down on in my troubles that, even if he did have something, he wouldn't worry about reporting it to me until after all his business is completed.
  • εʹ Cicero, Ad Atticum 14.18:
Atque ego ad eum viii Idus litteras dederam bene mane, eodem autem die tuas litteras vesperi acceperam in Pompeiano sane celeriter tertio abs te die. And I had sent a letter to him on the eighth, pretty early in the morning, though on the evening of the same day I'd gotten your letter at my place in Pompeiiquickly enough, on its third day out from you.
  • στʹ Cicero, Ad Atticum 15.27:
Sciebat enim me celeriter velle proficisci seseque ad me in Tusculanum scripserat esse venturum. He knew I was wanting to set out quickly, and he had written that he would be on his way to me at my place in Tusculum.
  • στ² Cicero, Ad Atticum 15.27:
Librum tibi celeriter mittam de gloria. I will send you the book on Glory soon.
  • ζʹ Cicero, Ad Atticum 16.6:
Quin si, ut spero, celeriter in Epirum, hoc quod satis dato debeo peto a te ut ante provideas planeque expedias et solutum relinquas. Indeed if you will soon be to EpirusI hope soI ask you to see to what I owe on secured loans beforehand, handle it in full and leave it repaid.
  • ηʹ v. Cicero, Ad Atticum 16.16a:
Id autem est ut hoc quod te tua sponte facturum esse certo scio honoris nostri causa libenter, prolixe, celeriter facias. It is so that you may do thiswhich I know for certain you will do of your own accord, for the sake of our honor, gladly, generously, and quickly.