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ăcĭ|ēs, -ēī. (ˈa.tʃ fem.

  1. An edge, as of a blade.
  2. military The line of battle.

[Proto-Indo-European *aḱ- "sharp". Cognate with English 'edge'.]



  • αʹ Cicero, Ad Atticum 10.7:
Mea causa autem alia est, quod beneficio vinctus ingratus esse non possum, nec tamen in acie 〈 me 〉 sed Melitae aut alio in loco simili 〈 oppidulo 〉 futurum puto. My case, though, is different, because I am bound by a favor and can't be ungrateful, but nevertheless I'm not planning on being on the front lines, but in Malta or in some other place like it.