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ăbscēd|ō, -ĕre, ăbscessī, ăbscessum. (abˈʃe.do) v. intr.

  1. To withdraw, to leave, to go away; to disappear.
  2. ab aliqua re To stop or leave off doing; same as desisto.

[ab + cedo.]

Cic. 100% Class. 11% Rom. 0% Med. 0% Neo. 0%


Adverb constructions



  • αʹ Cicero, De Divinatione 2.16:
Caput est in iecore, cor in extis: iam abscedet, simul ac molam et vinum insperseris; deus id eripiet, vis aliqua conficiet aut exedet. There is aheadin the liver, a heart among the entrails. It may immediately disappear as soon as you have sprinkled on the groats and winea god may pull it out; some force may destroy or devour it.
  • βʹ Pacuvius, ap. Cicero, Tusculanae Disputationes 2.21:
Ŏpĕrī|t(e) ŏpĕrī|t(e) ābscē|dĭtĕ jām
Mīttĭtĕ; | n(am) āttrēc|tāt(u) ēt | quāssū
Sāev(um) ām|plĭfĭcā|tĭ(s) dŏlō|rem.
Cover it up, cover it up and get away nowlet go of it! By manhandling and jerking it around you are only making the raging pain worse.


  • γʹ Livy, Ab Urbe Condita 21.26:
Sine ullo certamineabscesserant enim metu hostesTannetum pervenit. They came to Taneto without a fight, since the enemy had withdrawn out of fear.
  • δʹ adv. Livy, Ab Urbe Condita 22.25:
Tandem, ut abscesserit inde dictator, ut obsidione liberatos, extra vallum egressos fudisse ac fugasse hostes. Finally, as soon as the dictator had left the place, like men freed from a siege, they marched out from their fortifications, scattered the enemy and ran them off.
  • εʹ Livy, Ab Urbe Condita 23.19:
Marcellum et ipsum cupientem ferre auxilium obsessis et Volturnus amnis inflatus aquis et preces Nolanorum Acerranorumque tenebant, Campanos timentium si praesidium Romanum abscessisset. Marcellus himself was eager to bring aid to the besieged, but was held back both by the flood swell of the Volturno River and the pleas of the Nolans and the Acerrans, who feared the Campanians if Roman protection were to withdraw.
  • στʹ adv. Livy, Ab Urbe Condita 23.20:
Casilinum oppidum redditum Campanis est, firmatum septingentorum militum de exercitu Hannibalis praesidio, ne, ubi Poenus inde abscessisset, Romani oppugnarent. The town of Casilinum was returned to the Campanians, and supported by the protection of seven hundred soldiers from Hannibal's army, so that the Romans wouldn't attack when the Carthaginian left the place.
  • ζʹ Livy, Ab Urbe Condita 24.1:
Itaque Regio extemplo abscessum est. And so they had to leave Reggio immediately.
  • ηʹ adv. Livy, Ab Urbe Condita 24.19:
Fabius omittendam rem parvam ac iuxta magnis difficilem abscedendumque inde censebat. Fabius decided they should give up on this matter, which was minor and (compared to the major ones) rather difficult, and leave the place.